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Locals Know Best

Dec 14, 2021

Today, I’ll be speaking with Tom Potter about all of his favorite outdoor adventures in a town you may know as one of the most picturesque Alpine-style villages in the United States, Leavenworth, Washington!

I’m very excited for this episode because Leavenworth has always been in the back of my mind as an excellent...

Nov 30, 2021

Today, I’ll be speaking with Kristan Vermeulen about how to make the most of a day outdoors in Portland, Maine.

Join Kristan and me as we visit Portland, Maine, during both the off and on-season, eating tons of tasty treats along the way! Activities we discuss in this episode include hitting the water in multiple...

Nov 16, 2021

Today, I’ll be speaking with Michelle Stelly about how to make the most of a weekend at Mount Rainier National Park!

Join Michelle and me as we first discuss Washington’s three beautiful national parks. Then, we’ll backpack, hike, and snowshoe throughout all four seasons in Mount Rainier National Park, as well as...

Nov 2, 2021

Today, I'll be speaking with Cecilia and Scott Fix about how to spend a fantastic day outdoors in Alexandria, Virginia.

Join Cecilia, Scott, and me as we start off our day, waking up in a spooky spot. Then we continue adventuring outdoors via boating the Potomac and geocaching. All while also appreciating...

Oct 19, 2021

Today, I’ll be speaking with Jon Taylor about how to make the most of an outdoorsy trip throughout the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska.

This episode is sure to put you under the spell of the north. Join Jon and me as we enjoy the Kenai peninsula as an adventure-loving local would!

Our discussion is chock full of outdoor...